Ryosuke Fukusada + Yuuka Miyazono

    ‘Saudade’ It is known as a word to express nostalgia. However, it also signifi es your fond memories from the past. The joyful and worry-free times of childhood. Times that are hard to re-live in your adulthood. Therefore, kids'clothes bring you back to those childhood memories.

    They do not only make you remember your enviable past, but will also brighten your daily life hereafter. This thought is also refl ected in the buttons. Since you live in a tiny world in your childhood, you can be more creative in your casual days.

    For instance, little plans, stones or plastic pieces on a ground can be the treasure by collecting them. The pieces of this sort of memory are put into the buttons.
  • The Lili’s collecting

    The “Lili” is a fictional race named by Sachi Ito and Yuuka Miyazono,
    two Japanese female artists.

    The main task of the Lili is to make handicrafts
    through gathering small,usually waste, materials.
    In this workshop, you'll make a brooch or a button,
    using materials that the Lili has collected.
    Through this workshop, you'll experience a part of the Lili's life.

    The Lilis collecting I
    in Tokyo 15th January 2012

    The Lilis collecting I I
    in Milan 24th February 2013
  • conte

    Solitude is life.
    Life is a string of moments composed by tears.

    The moments drive us into a fascination for our pets or items ;
    the objects which are marked
    with affectionate feelings and beautiful memories.

    "con te" offers you a "partner" that will embrace, rejoice,
    and transform with you throughout your life