The Lili's collecting
Sachi Ito + Yuuka Miyazono
The “Lili” is a fictional race named by Sachi Ito and Yuuka Miyazono,
two Japanese female artists.

The main task of the Lili is to make handicrafts
through gathering small,usually waste, materials.
In this workshop, you'll make a brooch or a button,
using materials that the Lili has collected.
Through this workshop, you'll experience a part of the Lili's life.

The Lilis collecting I
in Tokyo 15th January 2012

The Lilis collecting I I
in Milan 24th February 2013
それらを拾い、手芸する日々を送る 架空の民族「リリ族」。


リリ族の採集行為について I
東京 2012年1月15日

リリ族の採集行為について I I
ミラノ 2013年2月24日
Sachi Ito
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